Commissioning of 1320 MW Khurja STPP from Danwar Station to THDC Plant Yard

Rishikesh, 08 April 2024: Shri R K Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director, THDCIL, informed that a historical milestone has been achieved today, towards the commissioning of 1320 MW Khurja STPP, with the engine rolling on Railway Siding (Downline) from Danwar Station to THDC Plant Yard (Wagon Tippler area.

Shri R K Vishnoi said that railway siding works, land acquisition, formation and P-way activities have been completed in record time-bound manner due to the tireless efforts of Team Khurja. Shri Bhupender Gupta, Director (Technical), THDC India Limited was also virtually present during this significant event.

Shri R K Vishnoi further added that this feat has been achieved in close coordination with Prayagraj division of North Central Railway, ahead of the schedule for coal requirement in the plant. This will ensure the delivery of 7500 MT coal per day for the operation of Unit-1. The locomotive rolling activity conducted today is indispensable for efficient operation of the thermal power plant.

These locomotives will ensure a steady supply chain by transporting coal to the plant, maintaining optimal inventory levels, and preventing disruptions in production schedules. This achievement is a step forward in the direction of receiving of coal rakes inbound from Amelia coal mines to Khurja STPP through Danwar station.

Shri Shallinder Singh, Director (Personnel) and Sh. Bhupender Gupta, Director (Technical), THDCIL enthusiastically congratulated the Team of THDCIL Officers at Khurja and said that THDCIL officers are known for establishing new benchmarks in the energy sector and this is one more feather in its cap. An overwhelming response was given to the engine drivers and the loco-pilot team by the entire public present at the wagon tippler area.

Shri Kumar Sharad, ED (Project), Sh. Vijay Kumar, AGM (CHP & Rly. Siding), Shri Ombir Singh AGM (RITES) and Senior officers of THDCIL, NTPC, RITES and Indian Railways were present on this occasion. Shri R K Vishnoi also thanked Indian Railways, RITES, ISC-CMIPL (JV) for their continuous efforts and co-operation

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