CIL Achieves Record Coal Production of 703.91 MT up to 7th March 2024

New Delhi, 09 March 2024: The Coal India Limited (CIL) has achieved a record production of 703.91 million tonnes (MT) of coal up to 7th March 2024 during the current fiscal, surpassing last financial year’s production of 703.20 MT by an impressive margin of 24 days. Additionally, CIL maintains an ample coal stock of 72.70 MT as of 7th March 2024.

To enhance domestic coal production, the Ministry of Coal has implemented several key initiatives. Adoption of the Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) model, mechanization and modernization of CIL mines, both Underground (UG) & Opencast (OC), undertaking new projects, expanding existing projects, have bolstered coal production. Moreover, the induction of enhanced Mass Production Technologies and the digitization of operations, including the introduction of ERP, have played pivotal role in enhancing mine efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Coal has played an important role in facilitating the growth of the coal sector by formulating policies and providing necessary support to coal mining companies. Policy reforms aimed at promoting sustainable mining practices, ensuring environmental compliance, and attracting investments in the coal sector have contributed to the overall growth and success of Coal India Limited.

The achievement of this milestone not only reflects the operational excellence of Coal India Limited but also reaffirms the government’s commitment to ensuring energy security and meeting the growing demand for coal in the country.

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