SAIL Launches ‘SAIL Swarna Jayanti Story Writing Competition 2022’

New Delhi, 30 May, 2022: Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), formed on 24th January, 1973, is celebrating its 50th year of incorporation. Mirroring the spirit of the occasion and as part of the various activities planned to commemorate SAIL Swarna Jayanti, the company has launched a story writing competition. The theme of this bilingual competition is ‘SAIL’s contribution in Nation building in the last five decades’ or ‘पिछले पांच दशकों में सेल का राष्ट्र निर्माण में योगदान’.

This open to all competition aims to encourage the participants to showcase their creativity and writing skills. It is an opportunity to write story on SAIL’s role in nation building and society in the last five decades. The details of the competition are available on company’s social media handles and its website www.sail.co.in

The last date of receiving entries for the competition via email is 25th August, 2022 while the hard copies will be accepted till 31st August, 2022. Every entry has to be submitted through both email at sailstory2022@gmail.com and post (hard copy). The winners will be announced on SAIL’s abovementioned website and its various social media platforms and will be awarded with certificates and attractive prizes.

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