Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: ONGC Tripura Asset Organizes Seminar & Cyclothon

Tripura, 20 December 2021 : As a part of the observance of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)’s Tripura Asset organized a seminar on Exploration & Production and cyclothon to usher a greener tomorrow during 3-4 December 2021. Tripura Asset at Agartala organized the E&P seminar on “Role of Hydrocarbon Industry in the Future Economy of Tripura”, which was chaired by Secretary of Industry & Commerce, Tripura P K Goyal and ED-Asset Manager Tarun Malik.

The seminar, organized on 4 December, focused on the key areas of the role of Hydrocarbon Industry in the Future Economy of Tripura State and the seminar aimed to increase collaboration among the various business partners in the E&P business in Tripura.

Secretary of Industry & Commerce, Tripura P K Goyal and ED-Asset Manager Tarun Malik at the E&P seminar and ED-Asset Manager informed about the success of the MPD Campaign that targeted the Lower Bhuban and Renji formations and that in future there could be a possibility of striking oil in Tripura.

He emphasized on making a big paradigm shift from the conventional coal and oil based economy to gas based economy in the State of Tripura. Presenting the figures to the house, he said that, at present India produces 0.74% of the world gas production and Tripura’s gas production is 5.6% of India’s gas production.  ONGC, Tripura Asset achieved highest ever gas production and sales in 2020-21.

Secretary of Industry & Commerce, Tripura P K Goyal spoke about the roadblocks in gas industry and their alleviation through better and increased collaboration were evaluated. He stressed upon the need for concerted efforts in greater understanding of business partners in E&P for smooth functioning of oil and gas industry in Tripura to achieve all the projected targets of the oil & gas industry aligned with that of the nation.

Cyclothon to Usher in a Greener Tomorrow

To celebrate the 75th year of our independence as well as to sensitize the populace the importance of cycling, Tripura Asset organized a Cyclothon on 3 December. The event ensured that all important messages of mainstreaming low-carbon mobility and safe roads are conveyed to the larger public.

MLA of Badarghat Mimi Majumdar and ED_Asset Manager Tarun Malik flagging off the Cyclothon

MLA of Badarghat Mimi Majumdar graced the event and lauded the role of ONGC in organizing the event. She appreciated the proactive role ONGC played during the trying times of pandemic by providing relief material to the needy. She recollected her time in Saksham Cyclothon 2020 and mentioned that ONGC has always been in the forefront in organizing such events.

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