Northern Railway Hospitals Now have Teleconsultation Mobile App

New Delhi, 10 june 2021: To minimize footfall at Northern Railway hospitals/ Health units for generic treatments,
RailTel has developed a teleconsultation app. The mConsultancy Railway HMIS app has
been developed and integrated under the ongoing Hospital Management Information
System (HMIS) project. Apart from the mConsultancy RailTel has also developed a Covid
portal and a mobile app for medical beneficiaries. The Covid portal captures and
maintains all data related to covid patients (testing, line of treatment, current status etc)
for better monitoring of treatment. The Patient mobile App enables the medical
beneficiaries to access their medical record at one place.

HMIS is an integrated clinical information system to be implemented across 125
Railway health facilities and 650 polyclinics across India for improved hospital
administration and patient healthcare. HMIS aims at digitizing the functioning of
hospitals to provide faster and seamless service.

mConsultancy Railway HMIS app is available on play store for downloading. The App
enables patient to have video/audio conference with concerned Doctor. The patient
details, symptoms can be filled in the app and doctor can share prescription in the app
itself. RailTel has made tutorial video and set up a Helpdesk at 04027788200 for
helping users with installing and using the app. This app is available for Northern
Railway Central & Divisional Hospital, 13 Health units of Delhi Area. However, at short
notice this can be made functional on IR units where HMIS is presently working, as per
requirement of Hospital administration.

During this time of raging pandemic, these initiatives will help patients with minor
illnesses to take consultation without the need for physically visiting hospitals. This will
also help in for illnesses that require regular follow ups, as also mild covid case and post
covid treatment.

Talking about the app, Sh. Puneet Chawla, CMD RailTel said, “Given the pandemic
situation, this app has been developed and integrated with ongoing HMIS project on a
war footing. The mConsultancy Railway HMIS app will help the patients get treatment
virtually without having to visit the hospital saving them from covid exposure. The
Covid portal will help doctors to monitor the treatment progress with all the data and
history readily available on dashboard and the mobile app for HMIS will store all data of
patients for ready reference at any point of time.

Apart from Northern Railway, HMIS is currently live at 5 hospitals of South-Central
Railway and 1 health unit of North Eastern Railway. Work at other hospitals is in
progress and will be completed in FY 21-22.

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