Shri Chetan Prakash Jain CMD Central Electronics Limited Inaugurated the Covid-19 Isolation Wards

New Delhi, 08 June 2021 : Shri Chetan Prakash Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Central Electronics Limited (CEL), a Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Science and Technology, inaugurated 10 beds Covid-19 isolation wards in the premises of Central Electronics Limited (CEL). On this occasion, he said that the staff of the Medical Dispensary and the Human Resource Department have been instructed that the employees working in CEL and their dependents can get the benefit of all the health related facilities available in the company. He also said that if any employee wants to be isolated at his home, then medical facilities will be provided to him and any kind of problem of Covid patient will be immediately resolved.

CEL has always played a leading role in solar energy, railway electronics, defense electronics etc. in the country. The company has been undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility Project for the last several years and helping differently abled people and transforming local schools for better education to children.

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